Independent Media, Fall 2016

Internet Lag


Did you know that American Internet is ranked 31st and 42nd for download and upload speeds, respectively? It seems like a strange statistic when you consider that most of the online milestones, like the creation of Facebook, Google and literally the invention of the Internet, happened in the U.S.

As it turns out, over time the major companies that control the internet created a monopoly. According to Susan Crawford major companies have “divided up markets and put themselves in a position where they’re subject to no competition.”

After a monopoly is formed, customers have no where else to buy their service from so the corporations in charge can be lazy. These corporations no longer need to update or invest in infrastructure. Then, other countries, where there is not a monopoly, use the latest technology to update their systems. This allows their users to experience faster internet speeds, while users in America are stuck with slow speeds because of the corporatization of their country.

It seems that there are hardly any sectors in America free from corporate manipulation. What’s the most interesting is that most of the public has no idea things like this is even happening to them because the media does not shine light on the problems.

But I guess, how could they? Since they are corporatized and controlled by power and money as well. How can America become the best it can be when everything from politics, media and the internet are all controlled by money? Soon, someone is going to have to start putting the interests of the consumers and public first. But that can not happen until we have a truly fearless press once again.