It is no doubt the role of the press is changing since the election of Donald Trump. Many news outlets are fearful of Trump’s transition to the White House because of how the president-elect has treated the media in the past.

According to The Guardian, Trump has been waging a war against the media since the beginning of his campaign. And because of this, media outlets are unsure of the future.

“Trump waged an unprecedented one-man war against the media during his election campaign, banning some organisations from his rallies and regularly inciting his supporters to boo and jeer reporters,” The Guardian wrote.

Outlets, like The Nation and The Guardian, have published articles reinforcing their dedication to the highest of journalistic standards and reached out to their readers for monetary support to get through the next four years. The media is afraid to lose its freedoms but is determined to produce better journalism in spite of it.

Now, more than ever, analytical, factual, thoughtful, emotional, critical and expansive journalism is needed more than ever. However, the threat of a collapsing media industry might be enough to turn away young journalists. But, journalists should not back down from this challenge. If you are fired or cannot get hired, do not hesitate to use the Internet, one of the greatest modern tools, to get the truth out.

Journalism has always been entrepreneurial but now it is more than ever. Build your brand and push out meaningful content. Stay focused by understanding that what journalists do is important and necessary to a functioning democracy.

Starting a new media business is taxing but can be accomplished by staying true to yourself and following these tips.

But remember to always be independent and fierce so that the errors of the press during the 2016 presidential campaign are not repeated.


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